Whistleblowers, Incentives, and Ethics

On March 2, 2012 Jennifer Verkamp spoke at the annual meeting of the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) as part of a panel on “Whistleblowers, Incentives, and Ethics.”

Ms. Verkamp spoke about her experience with whistleblowers and the effect of whistleblowing on their lives, as well as on the importance of ethical businesses with strong compliance programs.

Rick Morgan radio interview on Ohio False Claims Act

Ed “Flash” Ferenc spoke at length with Rick Morgan on June 2, 2011 regarding the Ohio False Claims Act bill, now pending before the Ohio Senate.  The bill is strongly supported by a number of prominent Senate republicans and Attorney General Mike DeWine.  You can hear the interview here.

Jennifer Verkamp prevails for MV Client in First Circuit on Important Kickback issue

June 1, 2011: Jennifer Verkamp prevails for MV Client in First Circuit on Important Kickback issue; Case hailed as “Game Changer;” Spine Hardware company must answer charges

On June 1, 2011, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit handed down its opinion in U.S. ex rel. Hutcheson v. Blackstone Medical.  Jennifer Verkamp argued the case for our client, Susan Hutcheson, following a dismissal in Boston based on the proposition that paying kickbacks to physicians to use Blackstone spinal fusion hardware does not make Medicare claims false.  The Court of Appeals rejected Blackstone’s arguments in an opinion which we believe is a landmark of False Claims Act jurisprudence.  The case is being called a “game changing ruling for whistleblowers.”  Read the opinion here.

Rick Morgan moderates Motions Practice panel at June 2010 ABA National Institute

The ABA’s Eighth Annual National Institute on the Civil False Claims Act was held Washington, D.C. in early June, 2010. Rick Morgan moderated a lively panel of exceptionally-accomplished counsel from government, the defense bar, and relator’s bar, discussing practical applications of developments in Rule 9(b) and legislative amendments to the False Claims Act.